The Receipt Process
It is typical that a warehouse system focuses on the booking in and receiving of product via hand held scanners and barcodes. Datalinx programs allow for the receiving of product via the hand held by scanning codes on the products or by selecting the lines from a purchase order. Occasionally the Sage X3 screens may be the best place to book in the product being received, and with this in mind Datalinx Warehouse Manager X3 functionality extends the standard Sage X3 “Purchase Order Receipts” and “Miscellaneous Receipts” Screens.

Users may follow standard booking in processes within Sage X3 and the added Datalinx functionality will produce the relevant transactions, create Licence Plates (pallet numbers) and enable labels to be printed, ready to be attached to the product being received into stock. This seamless linking of Datalinx Warehouse Manager X3 and Sage X3 removes the need to book product in twice and also removes the possibility of decoupling operations occuring when product is booked into the “business system” and additionally into the “warehouse system.”


*To improve your viewing the timings of some of the processes shown in this video may have been reduced.