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Warehouse Abbreviations

Warehouse Abbreviations

I don’t know about you, but when I first started in a warehouse the lingo was a bit confusing! Especially with all the abbreviations, so I have come up with a glossary of the most common warehousing and inventory terms.

3PL: Third party logistics

ADC: Automated data collection

APS: Advanced planning and scheduling

ASN: Advanced shipment notifications areused to notify a customer of a shipment. Often including purchase order numbers, SKU numbers, lot numbers, quantity, pallet or container number, carton number

ASRS: Automated Storage Revival system

ASP: Application service provider

AIDC: Automatic identification & data collection

BOM: Bill of material is a list materials required to produce an item

CCD: Charged coupled device is a barcode scanner that takes digital image of the barcode instead of laser scanning, can only scan at short distance of a couple of inches

COGS: Cost of Goods Sold

CPG: Consumer Packaged Goods

DC: Distribution Centre

EPC: Electronic product codeis the RFID version of the UPC barcode. EPC is intended to be used for specific product identification

FMCG: Fast Moving Consumer Goods

FIFO: First in first out

GVW – Gross Vehicle Weight

LIFO: Last-in-first-out

NIFO – Next In First Out

POD – Point of Delivery

RFID: Radio frequency identification

SCM – Supply Chain Management

SKU: Stock keeping unit

SSCC: Serial Shipping Container Code

VNA: Very narrow aisle

WIS: Warehouse Inventory system

WS: Warehouse storage

WD: Warehouse Distribution

WMS: Warehouse Management Solution

WHM/WHS/WHSE: Warehouse

Trade symbologies
Warehouse Racking

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