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Don’t forget the little things when setting up your warehouse management solution.

So, you have decided to set up your warehouse to enable barcoding and you will be thinking about a host of issues but don’t forget about the barcode label – it does a very small but vital job for you, and it could be costly if you get it wrong.  

In my opinion there are three factors you should consider when choosing the media for your label.
Firstly the type of printer you buy will determine the range of labels you can use. 

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Naming and labelling warehouse bins and shelves

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_6318.JPGA warehouse management system (WMS) requires the warehouse bin locations to be barcoded for efficient usage.  Barcoding eliminates the manual entry of data and the inherent risk of typing mistakes; scanning barcoded data is much faster than typing.

The naming of the bin locations should be designed to give a ‘grid map’ of the warehouses / yards / storage areas so it is clear where each bin location is situated within each branch.

Any ‘guidance’ that will be given during picking operations in the WMS will normally use an alphanumeric bin sequence. Therefore, when designing the bin code format, thought also needs to be given to the most efficient ‘walk’ around the warehouse when typically picking stock.

Two common examples of a naming convention are described below.

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10 minutes with James Pearcy


A sneak peak into the creation of Datalinx, company goals and industry challenges through the eyes of James Pearcy MD of Datalinx Computer Systems...

I trained as an electro mechanical engineer, but moved in the early days of computerised manufacturing systems to material requirements planning (MRP) within a large manufacturing company. After some years in industry it was a logical step, to becoming a consultant within the computer industry and director of a software house. However it was not until 1989 the opportunity occurred to form Datalinx. The first product was a barcode based “Work in Progress tracking and costing system”, that front ended many popular ERP systems, this quickly led to warehousing and a long term relationship with Sage.

Why was Datalinx founded?

After working for various software providers of ERP and MRP systems, 2 friends identified a gap in the market for automated data collection, which in today’s world, we would call Mobile Systems. These were used for Warehousing plus Work in progress tracking and labour costing. With time the focus shifted to Sage and their customer needs.

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7 signs you need a warehouse system

b2ap3_thumbnail_Plumbworld-opacity.jpgAs a warehouse systems consultant there is nothing better than visiting a new warehouse and in my experience I have noticed there are 7 deadly sins, which all cost businesses money and are very simple to fix with the implementation of barcodes and a warehouse management system. 

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Are you a direct thermal label or thermal transfer fan?

Have you ever considered other label options?

Some people only go for one type of label due to history, the printer they use or they feel that they only have one option because of the nature of their environment within the warehouse. 

Traditionally, most warehouse management customers use thermal transfer paper labels; they are economical, easy to print and provide a good label for scanning.   But Direct thermal labels have improved dramatically over the years and are now a viable option. 

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