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Who owns the stock – The ERP system or the WMS system?

This question is one that many a site looking to implement a warehouse system forgets to ask!b2ap3_thumbnail_jigsaw_puzzle.png

It is a subtle question and can make the difference of a successful joined up system and two silos of information with users looking at two versions of the truth!

The answer to where should the stock information be held will be different depending on the size of the business, yet in most cases we would argue that the ERP/business wide system should own the stock. Be this a Sage 50 user or a Sage ERP X3 user, this must be the master record. The logic behind this is that for a business or the ERP system stock in the warehouse is only one facet of the business and whilst important to the warehouse user, someone in the accounts office would be more interested in the value of the stock as oppose to where it is, but both want to accurately know, how many are in the business.

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RFID killed the Barcode Star

b2ap3_thumbnail_rsz_img_4946.jpgFor the last 20 years I have heard on many occasions that the humble barcode has a limited life and will be replaced by “new” technology that will be RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) based. However, the barcode is still everywhere and actually so is the RFID.

When RFID first hit the market, it was to be the panacea to overcome all the “problems” of the barcode, such as the barcode does not look good on packaging, the barcode needs line of sight to read. For many years the RFID technology was trying to get traction. The truth is that it has its own market place that the barcode is not suited to in the same way that barcode technology has market places that RFID cannot work. Yes there are areas in the middle where both can and do work, in these environments the “right” choice is often as much a decision of the heart and not the head, giving the IT department an interesting project to work with.

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Sage Summit 2014 – Connecting through Innovation


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So two 11 hour flights and an 8 hour time difference experienced to visit the biggest Sage North America event ever staged, was it worth it – yes absolutely.

Whilst the location of Las Vegas for this year’s summit was a “love or hate” it town, the event itself was superbly organised, with diverse and wide ranging content.

Each of the four days started with a Keynote Speech where the goal was to inspire and let the audience “Grow from Here” that presented a different view of business and politics which I would suggest that everyone in the audience took something from.

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GS1 – NHS eProcurement Strategy - driving efficient healthcare

The government has produced a protocol to use auto-identification and data capture (AIDC) and GS1 standards to improve care delivery, enhance patient safety and reduce costs.NHS eProcurement

GS1 UK is working with the NHS and Department of Health to make healthcare in the UK more efficient and ultimately improve patient safety. From April 2014, the guidance and requirements on patient safety contained within the NHS eProcurement Strategy document are applicable to all organizations that provide NHS services through the NHS Standard Contract.

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Warehouse abbreviations

The language used in the warehouse can a bit confusing! Especially with all the abbreviations, so below are some of the Datalinx team favourites!

3PL: Third party logistics

ADC: Automated data collection

APS: Advanced planning and scheduling

ASN: Advanced shipment notifications are used to notify a customer of a shipment. Often including purchase order numbers, SKU numbers, lot numbers, quantity, pallet or container number, carton number


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