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Sage Distribution Agreement

b2ap3_thumbnail_distribution_icon_logo.pngSage Business Solutions, a leading global supplier of business management software, today announced it has signed a Distribution agreement with Datalinx, offering Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Island customers a range of integrated warehousing solutions that enable significant cost savings and operational benefits in key areas such as warehouse, manufacturing and mobility.

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Sage Certified vs Sage Approved

b2ap3_thumbnail_sage_certified_logo_generic.jpgDue to the vast number of Sage add-ons available, Sage introduced various certification and accreditation programmes. To assist in proving a company’s competency, monitor the standards and improve the quality of add-ons developed.

There are 3 key ways to check the certification of the add-on you are interested in:

1.Sage Certification
2.Sage Approved
3.Sage Developer Awards

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When buying barcode scanners does it really just come down to price?

Although price might be the first consideration; functionality, your working environment b2ap3_thumbnail_handhelds.png
and device durability should also be evaluated.

The majority of our customers purchase the ‘mobile computer’ style of scanner rather than a tethered, presentation or fixed device and in this discussion I will focus on this range.

Functionality: this should be a key consideration and geared around your specific business. Do you know the type of barcodes you use or will need to use? How much information do they need to reference as this will affect whether you choose a 1d or 2D scanner?  Do you need a long range capable scanner? Will your warehouse team be 'up close and person' to your products when scanning or will be the item be on the top racking shelf? What size will your barcode and dispatch labels need to be? How much space is there on the product packaging or racking area?  Do you work with refrigerated products? Does your warehouse run 24-7?


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Warehousing in faraway places



The Accession Islands are in the South Atlantic covering 34 square miles; it is part of the British overseas territories but is not part of the UK and has its own Constitution. The island boasts stunning beaches and is home to hundreds of green turtles that visit each year.

Warehousing on the Accession Island faces a number of challenges, as although the demands on the warehouse and Sage are less aggressive, accuracy is vital. As the islands main distribution hub knowledge of the stock availability and quantities are correct, throughout the warehouse processes especially booking in and stock taking. Due to the length of time it takes for goods to be delivered, therefore running out of stock has serious implications, such as building delays.

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The Datalinx, Mysoft and Sage partnership

b2ap3_thumbnail_rsz_sage_video_play.pngDatalinx have partnered with Mysoft to provide East End Foods with an integrated barcoded warehousing system. This partnership enables Sage business partners and their customers to benefit from our 25 years’ of warehouse management system development focused solely within the Sage arena and technical support.

We have a team of over twenty five professionals covering sales, development, customer support and marketing. To provide complete end to end solutions for customers in need of extending their Sage systems functionality, whilst keeping all data inside of Sage.

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